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A Quick Look at Room Reduction

20/02/2013 07:15:02

People commonly tend to think that the larger a space you can acquire, the more successful your event will be. This is true in many scenarios, shoving people into a cramped room can have a detrimental effect on any conference or presentation, with individuals becoming impatient, uncomfortable and unhappy.

Depending on the size of your event and the layout that complements it, room reduction is often advisable. During a presentation overly spacious surroundings may lead the audience to believe that your event is insignificant in some way, and unable to attract the numbers it expected. When networking or eating it’s easy for individuals to spread out into smaller groups, unwilling to take the long journey needed to mingle with the others.

By reducing the room size through draping you make it clear that you are in control of the event. Regardless of the venue you can demonstrate that a specific attendance was anticipated, and are even able to expand the layout flexibly if needs be.

We’re able to supply clients with high quality pipe and drape that is easy to set up even by a single person, using our twist locking pipes and Fabgrip Clips to provide efficient room reduction and staging systems. Contact us today, and see how we can help provide a solution that suits you.