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Create a Professional Atmosphere at your School with Pipe and Drape

20/02/2013 07:10:46

Parents Evening can be a tempestuous time for mums, dads and guardians. Whatever age their child is, the fundamental concerns of parents never change and great emphasis is placed on issues such as the progress and development of their child.

Renting or buying booths from us here at Highspec UK offers a fantastic way of creating a more private and professional space for parents at parents evening. This will help give parents and guardians the confidence to speak more freely and voice whatever concerns they may have, away from the ears and eyes of everyone around.

We offer a service here at Highspec UK where you are able to rent or purchase equipment from us. We’ve been using the same Pipe and Drape system for several years and are very skilled in our understanding of the benefits of the functionalities of the systems in which we use to create whatever it may be that you would like. Many schools have chosen to go with us before and good experiences are always reported by all.

Whereas we are always more than happy to rent to our customers, purchasing equipment from us may in fact be better and more cost effective for your budget in a school setting. Not only will it save money from the budget if you plan to use booths on a relatively regular basis, you may also find that you can use your booth in other situations, such as school plays for example. A worthy investment will definitely be on the cards for you and your school team!

For any help and advice you may need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Highspec UK – We’re always more than happy to lend an ear.