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Neatening Up with Fabgrip Clips

20/02/2013 07:28:23

A clean and tidy environment is always desirable when draping, but with certain methods of use it become entirely necessary. When using a pipe and drape system for wall decoration, stage drops, or general concealment purposes, keeping the setup professional and attractive at all times is essential. In these instances it’s often the customer’s desire to conceal the vertical poles, which can lead to a creased, unfinished look in attempting to drape over.

In these situations Fabric Clips may be able to solve your problems quickly and securely. Instead of draping over the horizontal pipes, as is usual, drape horizontally over the opposing vertical poles and slide the clip on towards the top of the pole, and any other lower points as seems appropriate. Not only does this system allow you to conceal vertical poles securely, but you control the tautness and tension of the drape to reduce creasing. This becomes particularly important when dealing with uplights and pin spots that may draw attention to creases.

Fabric Clips also serve as a cable management system. Each clip features a holder for a single cable, usually servicing a light or camera, which can be easily snapped into place. This keeps the cable hugging the vertical pole until the ground without resorting to tying or weighting it, maintaining a neat environment with minimal takedown time at the end of the day.

At Pipe and Drape we recognise the importance of keeping your setup simple and displays attractive. The combination of Fabgrip Clips with our efficient twist lock pipe and drape system ensures that whatever your method of use, the display will be kept professional and smart.