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Save Storage Space with Pipe & Drape

20/02/2013 07:27:36

Christmas is nearly here, and there are plenty of events being put on that will make great use of our signature Pipe & Drape systems. It’s a straightforward decision, since they provide well for any kind of purpose you’re looking for, whether it’s room reduction, wall decoration, stage backdrops or simple concealment and traffic control.

One of the additional benefits you can count on this Christmas is the valuable saving on storage space Pipe & Drape provide you with. Delivered in a mobile, secure carry case  they’re easy to keep at the side lines until you have need of them for setup. Setup will be quick and painless, able to be completed in minutes by a single individual without using any tools whatsoever. Once the day is over you can take the equipment down in just as short a time, and pack it all into the storage case with a small amount of folding.

The case is easy to move and keeps the system completely safe. If you’re not intending to setup straight away or are planning to move around a lot then Pipe & Drape’s minimalist use of storage space will be ideal for you.