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Six Great Uses for the Pipe and Drape System

23/09/2013 12:44:15

Although our Pipe and Drape system can be used for decorative purposes it is a quick and effective way of dividing a venue. Below are six easy ways of using our pipe and drape system to truly maximise the appeal and practically of your venue. 

• Exhibition Use- Pipe and Drape works well at trade shows, craft fairs and conventions, as it is used to divide up the room quickly and easily. The Pipe and Drape system is available in a variety of colours so can be designed to match the client/organiser’s colour scheme. 

• Room Division- The Pipe and Drape system can easily divide two rooms into one or smaller areas, this is ideal for when a client or organiser has a very large venue but only wants to use a smaller, more practical area. 

• Decorative- Our Pipe and Drape system looks fantastic when used for decorative purposes; they can transform any venue and are easy and quick to set up. 

• Modular Booths- These height and width adjustable booths are ideal for creating breakout areas, changing rooms, secure search areas, private treatment and medical areas and more. They will stand in almost a location and are very quick to set up. 

• Concealment- The Pipe and Drape system is a perfect way of hiding an unused area or unwanted kit/stock. These drapes are handy at an event and using a decorative drape means you can make the screen into a feature and incorporate it into your scheme. 

• Stage Drop- Finally the Pipe and Drape system could be used on a stage in schools, village halls and theatres. Alternatively for those looking to create a professional looking blank canvas the drapes would be ideal for use at conference or talk. 

We install our Pipe and Drape System at a variety of different venues all over the UK. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in regards to the uses of our Pipe and Drape system. We are coming up with new uses for our system all the time so if you have a particular idea in mind that hasn’t been mentioned please contact us we would happy to discuss it and assist you.