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Introducing our new Backdrop Starter Kit

25/11/2014 16:31:33

Pipe & Drape are experts in the field of supplying exhibition grade Pipe & Drape systems, and we are here to help you no matter if you are a beginner or seasoned professional. We are aware that many of our customers are using Pipe & Drape for other applications such as Weddings and Parties for example. If you are looking to start out in the events industry, be that wedding's, shows, exhibitions, conferences, etc, we have a neat affordable one box solution that will get you going in minutes.


BACKDROP IN A BOX! 10FT WIDE X 8FT HIGH We are very aware that when your franchisees are exhibiting at a local venue ( hotel, village hall, etc ) you are often presented with an exhibit space with a busy or sometimes very boring background. To display your products to best advantage a good background is a very professional idea. A quick and easy solution is available.

Backdrop Starter Kit contains everything you need to setup an elegant backdrop for your trade fair stand, wedding fayre, show, exhibition or event. The Kit is also a great way to get started in the events business.
The professional exhibition grade frame stand has been designed to be easy to setup and use, by just one person. No tools or step ladders required – you work from the floor. There are no awkward legs sticking out, and the poles can be easily adjusted to the desired height and width.  We have put this into one box that will fit into a large family car or small van. Should you need to expand in future, you can easily add more uprights and crossbars, and the flexibility of the Pipe & Drape system allows you to set these at any desired height to suit. Imagine you need to setup an exhibition booth, with a backdrop at 3m high and two side walls at 2m high you can easily achieve this using this system and two additional uprights, base plates, crossbars and drapes. You could then use the same system to make a wall for concealment, divide a room or provide a backdrop of any size. There is no limit to how far you can expand the system which can be used time and time again for all types of events and venues.

In the Backdrop Starter Kit you will receive the following components:-
2 x 18” x 18” lightweight base plates
2 x 4ft - 10ft (1.3m to 3m) Easy-Up Telescopic Uprights with Spigots
1 x 6ft – 10ft (1.8m to 3m) Telescopic Crossbar
1 x Quality White gathered Premier fire retardant Drape 10ft wide by 8ft high.

The Setup is a simple process. Take a base plate and attach the Spigot to it (included with the Upright pole), then repeat for the second base. Place the base plates roughly where you want them. Now take the crossbar and lay this in front of the two base plates, lining up the centres which will enable you to adjust the correct position between the two bases. Leaving the crossbar in place, take one of the Uprights and lower it onto the spigot of the first base plate. Do the same with the second Upright. Now, take your Drape and lay it in front of the Crossbar, pocket side up. Thread the crossbar through the drape pocket. Now you can take one end of the drape & crossbar and slot the end of it into the top of first Upright. Do the same with the other end. Now you can raise the Upright to the desired height, one side at a time. The Easy-Up locking system allows for minute height adjustments so you can compensate for sloping floors or ceilings for you, so the drapes always hang vertically, and you can make a nice tidy job with little effort. The Easy-up system is just as easy to take down again, and it all packs away into the box ready for the next time. 

We also sell accessories such our Fabgrip which is designed to neatly hold the fabric onto the uprights so as to hide the from view and keep your drape neat and tidy. For drapes we have our semi-rigid storage cases with wheels, and for  poles carry bags. We sell fairy lights and light panels too. Our range of useful brackets can solve problems with Uprights and Crossbars linking them together to cater for unusual situations. Should you want drapes for a particular occasion such as a wedding for example we manufacture these to your specification in house, this includes Starlight Starcloth, Starlight Table Skirts, Wedding Archways, Walkways and more.